Plenumstreffen Sicherheitsnetzwerk München

Plenumstreffen 2015

Des Sicherheitsnetzwerkes München.

Am 22. Januar traf sich das Plenum des Sicherheitsnetzwerkes München.

Agenda der Veranstaltung, die von Peter Möhring, Leiter der Geschäftsstelle, und Dr Kathrin Jaenicke, geleitet wurde, beinhaltete im wesentlichen den Rückblick auf das vergangene Jahr wie auch die Perspektive auf das kommende Jahr.
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Internet of Things powered by Ubuntu #IoT

Next to the available versions of Ubuntu for the Desktop, Server and the Cloud, Mark Shuttleworth announces a new version of Ubuntu for the Internet of Things. Snappy Ubunutu Core aims to provide a common firmware for “Smart, connected things” on ARM and x86, that introduces a new standard for update-ability and security.

via Mark Shuttleworth » Blog Archive » Smart things powered by snappy Ubuntu Core on ARM and x86.

Complex Processes


Organizations have to become more mature in their processes while they grow. While this is true for all types of organizations, my perspective is an IT and IT related one alone, also being part of other organizations. With complex technologies coming into every aspect of business, individual solutions are being provided by increasingly specialized vendors. With this, the number of service providers, managing products and – more importantly – solutions, the number of involved parties rises, which in turn increases complexity.


Now that setup of multiple parties involved requires organization to make it work properly. Processes need to be introduced, to track progress, make sure the right parties get the right information at the right time, and progress and outcome are trackable and manageable.

All of the requirements are clear to justify a strict process. Provided they are viewed from the right angle. Participants in the process, staff executing individual steps, have difficulties seeing the purpose.


A transparent process is easier to follow for individual contributors. Management needs to feed back outcome of work, results to their staff. When everybody understand what he is doing, less steps will be done wrong. Eventually it will even take out complexity out of some processes, because transparency can help avoid the need for exceptions to be built in.

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Virtual Crime in Numbers

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Januar 10, 2015

Internet-related crime stats
Internet-related crime stats

“Sueddeutsche Zeitung” has an infographic on Internet related crimes. The numbers displayed are about services targeted by phishing, which is unsurprisingly lead by email, the number of malware circulating, monetary value of damages through criminal activity, most hacked passwords and finally origin of attacks.  Source for these numbers are quoted on the bottom right: Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, Bundeskriminalamt, Kaspersky Lab and Deutsche Telekom.

Top Influencers in Security

Tripwire has a recommendation of Security Influencers to follow in 2015, along with their Twitter handle. While I second all of the recommendations, it is particularily notable that 3 out of these 15 names work – or have worked – for Akamai. These guys are @BillBrenner70, @gattaca and @JOSHCORMAN. Every individual on the list had the opportunity to answer, which infosec-related superpower he would unlock, which makes the list a bit of an entertaining read, too.

Top Influencers in Security You Should Be Following in 2015.
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