Music Timeline.


Musik Timeline

Google hat gestern die Music Timeline vorgestellt. Das Projekt gibt äusserst spannende Einblicke was wann wie populär war. Sehr schön ist an den Daten und dem User-Interface, dass man quasi

Nur Country, kein Western

Nur Country, kein Western

“hineinzoomen” kann, also jede Musikrichtung genau anschauen kann. Man klickt durch alle Sub-Genres und von dort zu den Interpreten. All das hat Google für die letzten 60 Jahre aufbearbeitet.



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Region 8 GOLD Exceptional Volunteer Award

Khaled Mokhtar

Both surprised and excited, I am also honored to have been awarded the “Exceptional Volunteer Award“, together with Khaled Mokhtar from Egypt and Tomislav Pokrajcic from Croatia from IEEE Region 8s

Tomislav Pokrajcic

Young Professional Organization. This achievement would not have been possible without all the Student Branch, GOLD and German Section Volunteers! Congratulations to Khaled and to Tomislav, it is my honor to have the opportunity to work with such inspiring engineers!

Region 8 GOLD Exceptional Volunteer Award | IEEE Region 8.

email ain’t work.

email is one of my favorite topics when it comes to modern ways of working. There were a few articles on this blog concerning email to be abolished by major organizations in favour of social media (which won’t solve the underlying problem…)

Communication is essential to most jobs, but so is productivity. Claire Diaz Ortiz wrote a nice comment on why it is both work and why it ain’t at the same time.

email ain’t work.

This is the opinion that I tend to prefer, coming from an engineering education. email will distract anybody trying to focus on some real problem, will create an obligation to do something non-productive. email can be considered something additional, that should not become the majority of the actual work. To send designs, architecture, plans or status updates, but it is for sure outside the scope of engineering centric job descriptions.

unless you’re paid for it.

The situation is much different should you work in customer support, service, sales or even product marketing or management. These roles live off the conversation with customers, clients, partners and peers, sometimes even competitors. These roles need to know what others, the market, wants to see as a product or a service, and this is something you can get off a drawing board.

So it depends (a bit)

After all, email has a very different meaning, depending on the role someone is in. Still the medium itself is very difficult to handle and too time consuming, even for roles depending on communications. Just imagine all the (obvious) spam, newsletters, notifications and so on. Not to say about the increasing practice to CC everybody and his brother. This is what makes email an ultimate productivity killer for everybody.

In response to: Why Email Isn’t Work. (And Why It Is.).

Lessons Learneds – Flight Projects Directorate Code 400

Raum- und Mondmissionen sind berühmt für hervorragendes Projektmanagement und so finden sich bei der NASA auch schöne Dokumente zu dem Thema. Besonders schön zu lesen sind die 128. von Jerry Madden, Retired Associate Director (400), niedergeschriebenen Erfahrungen (Lessons Learned) zu lesen. Bezüglich Meetings hat er eine ganze Reihe von Ratschlägen. Einer hat meine ganz besondere Aufmerksamkeit gefunden.

115. Reviews, meetings, and reality have little in common.

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